About Us

We Are Creative Identity

A professional team of multi-disciplinary creative thinkers, strategists and problem solvers (and designers, copywriters, and digital gurus), passionate about the power of brands.

We are in the business of building brands and making your brand stand out from other brands. We do this by bringing together decades of experience in strategy, branding, advertising and design.

Our work involves brand development, identity & web design, digital marketing, advertising and printing.

We help our clients understand how they can develop and transform their business by increasing their brand’s value. We take your brand, find innovative ways of breathing life into it, develop it, and create momentum. We consistently strive to deliver powerful results for our customers.

If you are interested in growing your business and creating value in your brand, engaging your customers and ensuring your image reflects what you do, we would love to work with you.

What It Means


Here at Creative Identity we pursue new ideas and trends in the market, we always strive for continuous innovation. This allows us to build excitement and interest by delivering something unique and extraordinary.


We also believe that branding is about establishing trust through consistency; a brand is built by giving customers more than they expect. Great brands look toward the future and they evolve continuously. A brand stands for something that is meaningful and also enduring. Your Product, Your Service, Your Identity.


Finally, we inject energy with a passionate positive force, ensuring that your brand is always moving towards the future. This spurs awareness, growth and sales for your business. Brand momentum creates awareness, interest, desire and ultimately demand.

What We Do

As a full service Brand, Design & Communication Agency, we can handle the most complex projects from start to finish, providing harmony across a diverse range of media.

Complemented by our network of experienced, skilled and trusted suppliers, we offer a highly professional service.